The “Earth” of our stories is our own, as of “right now.” You can have things happen in your books that don’t happen in the real world, and write your books in such a way as to avoid discussing certain real-world events, but the general geopolitical setting should be recognizably our own, not an “alternate Earth” where Germany won World War II or the Roman Empire never fell.


The dæmon homeworld of Araunt is ruled by nobility (powerful ruling families), who lord it over a middle class and an underclass of poorer, exploited workers. Araunt is slowly running out of resources (which is why some Araurrans open gates to other worlds, including Earth, to plunder them for resources, yet the nobility still indulge in wasteful luxuries and excesses. The recent war was between those Araurrans (each side including dæmons of all three classes) who wanted changes in the traditional ways Araurrans do things because the status quo is unsustainable, and those who wanted no change at all. The traditionalists (no change) side won, two and a half Earth years before the first of our Hellmaw stories begin.

The losing side in the war wanted status quo change in Araunt, and didn’t get it; the losing side was of all classes in Araunt (nobility, middle, underclass workers) and did not include children (winning side wanted the children to indoctrinate them).