The latest novel set in Ed Greenwood’s Hellmaw, bringing us deep into the twisted mind of UK author Martin Treanor.  Cover art by Hellmaw’s talented (and also twisted) Art Director, Eric Belisle. At first glance, the faithful of the Way Through Family seem an innocent enough sect, besotted by their founder, Protector Jeremiah Poots, and his […]

Tyron has just arrived on earth. One of the Exiles, he has seen defeat and is now cast upon a prison world he was raised to abhor. Treading carefully, he is trying to regain as much of his strength as possible in order to return to Araunt. He’s not exactly desperate to go back, and […]

**Book 2 of Ed Greenwood’s Unfolding Doom Series** See book 1 – Hellmaw: Your World is Doomed! Transformed by his dæmon lover, Shanklin Appledar stalks Earth hunting the Araurran he still loves—but must slay, or die himself. Dæmons more powerful than any he’s yet met, and their human servitors, hunt him, thinking he is the […]

Throckmorton is more than a smart-mouthed cat. He’s an Araurran—a daemon—trapped in the body of a domestic cat who happened to be his last meal. Throckmorton’s been on Earth a long time, perfectly happy to dwell among humans without causing much of a stir. But the recent war on Araunt changed everything. Sarlock, the Tyrant […]

Gabrielle Harbowy brings Britain to the Hellmaw map with her witty and charming daemon, Quills.  Welcome to the story of Quills. Don’t miss this striking daemon in Harbowy’s  Hellmaw: Small World!   When a powerful daemon is murdered on modern-day Earth, all signs point in the same direction: to Tehru, the daemon who was his […]

What’s worse than being an Incubus second class and never getting promoted? How about accidentally sleeping with your boss’s sister and getting exiled to Earth as punishment? Azazael finds himself banished from the homeworld of the Araurra to Burlington, Wisconsin, on a January morning at -11 degrees. He’s a naked, 6’4″ red demon with black […]

Following a slight misfire with a prank (on a cop, involving herself as the dead body), Jaeda finds herself confined to a small room, with only a TV as company. Relaxing will help her regenerate her mostly missing body, but that’s entirely too boring for her liking. Besides, she has better things to do with […]

Aurora-winning Canadian fantasy, horror, and sf author Suzanne Church brings us the fourth HELLMAW novel, in which Detective Sergeant Windsor Kane of the Toronto Police Service learns that at least some of the weirdness one sees while policing a big city just might have to do with daemons among us. Some of whom love us, […]

Noted fantasy author Erik Scott de Bie brings us the third HELLMAW novel, in which jaded FBI agent Maria Ruiz learns she really hasn’t seen it all. Amid the splattered blood of increasingly depraved and spectacular murders is something strange, something beyond the limits of mortal justice. Ruiz is closing in, over heaped bodies, on […]

Bestselling author Chris Jackson brings us the second HELLMAW novel, an up-close-and-personal exploration of what happens at university when brilliant researchers uncover far more than they were expecting. Will it be murder, daemons, dragons, or love? An ancient attempt to save Earth from a plague of demons resides in the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology […]