Mysteries and Wonders


As seen in Hellmaw: Blind Justice

In Hellmaw, Earth and the dæmon homeworld of Araunt are linked by magical “gates,” doorways that allow travel with about three human strides through an opening (through intense cold, and a void of emerald-flickering darkness) to the same destination, every time. Those doorways can be invisible or look like various things, thanks to the magic of a gate, and may have different means of “turning them on” or “turning them off” or powering them. Some may have traps of various sorts, that wound or kill or forcibly transform those using them, or “blot out” Araurran powers for some time (of the dæmons traversing those particular gates).

An exiled dæmon will have a vague idea of where the gate they came through to reach Earth is, but not the locations of other gates. On our Earth, the gates are all over the place. Some are hidden, some forgotten. Almost all have been closed from the Araunt side. To open them again requires life force…Araurran or human.

Daemon Powers

Araurrans have a great variety of abilities and power levels. All of them can shapechange enough to pass as human (not a huge change in mass or volume; they remain on the large side of human body size). All dæmons have minor powers that are work best at close range… there are also secondary powers (additional powers and ideas have been left open on purpose to allow the other Creatives space to play; for example, how a dæmon takes life force from another creature can be different for each).

As seen in Hellmaw: Dragon Dreams

Dæmon powers that affect oneself (such as an equivalent of the D&D® game spell feather fall) are common. Powers that affect others are rarer.

No dæmon power that can affect someone else can effectively be used beyond that dæmon’s arm’s reach, except in very exceptional circumstances (boosted by a magic item and/or the properties of a small, sharply-defined area). Some Araurrans can mentally dominate humans, but effectively doing so without direct physical contact is both difficult and a rare ability.

The ability one dæmon has to steal the powers of others is unique; no other Araurrans can have this power except with express editorial approval (which will not be easily given).

Minor powers that affect an Araurran personally (for example, the ability to turn one’s torso temporarily to swirling smoke, so bullets and pitchforks and spears can pass harmlessly and freely through it) and their immediate surroundings (an invisible “force field” or aura clinging to an Araurran’s body that slows incoming missiles almost to a halt, or silently deflects metal weapons) are far more common than powers that affect others and items not within the Araurran’s immediate easy reach (examples: telekinesis or levitation).

A few Araurrans of great age and power master an ability to temporarily “dampen” the powers of other Araurrans they touch or get very close to.