How To Read Our Series

All TEGG (The Ed Greenwood Group) stories are set in one of our many planned settings, each setting having a different flavor. For instance, our first setting, Hellmaw, is gritty modern-day Earth (and largely urban) fantasy of daemons among us. Our second, Stormtalons, is swords & sorcery in a vast medieval-to-Renaissance-era fantasy world setting that’s unlike Dungeons & Dragons in that magic is tightly controlled by a tyrant archwizard locked in détente with stiflingly law-and-order priesthood.

However, you DON’T have to start with Hellmaw Book 1 (which happens to be Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed!, a novel by me, because I’m writing all of the launch-a-setting novels), then go on to Book 2, then Book 3, followed by Book 4, Book 5, and so on.

Oh, no, no! We want your coins, but we don’t expect you to empty your wallet. You don’t have to start with the first book in a story arc (every one of our settings has multiple story arcs, a new one beginning when something “big” happens in the setting), then read them all in order.

Although there will be occasional crossovers and it will be clear that Book B takes place after the events of Book A, you can pick ANY book in a setting, and enjoy it as a standalone. If it’s the second or third (or later) book in that setting BY THE SAME AUTHOR, be aware that you may be missing out on the beginning of a longer story, because many of our authors are writing duologies or trilogies or open-ended series in a particular setting, with all of their own books featuring more or less the same protagonists, who are different from the main characters of other authors in the same setting.

For instance, Gregory A. Wilson penned the second Stormtalons book, Grayshade, and it’s intended to be Book 1 of his The Gray Assassin Trilogy. But Stormtalons book 3, The Pirate King’s Daughter by Dileep S. Rangan, stars a COMPLETELY different cast far away across Asmer, the world of Stormtalons, from the city we see in Grayshade.

In the same manner, TEGG Deputy Publisher Marie Bilodeau wrote the fifth Hellmaw novel, Hellmaw: Eye of Glass, which is Book One of the Bodyless Series —but you DON’T have to pick up and read the four earlier Hellmaw novels to enjoy it.

So when you see a new TEGG book by a different author, think of it as a new, standalone story that happens to be set in a place you’re already familiar with from earlier TEGG books, in the same way that people who live in Iceland will “know” Iceland as a setting from earlier books that may have little or no other connection to a new novel they pick up, set in Iceland.

If you read them all, you’ll get a deeper, richer overall picture, of course. But never hesitate to pick up a TEGG book when you see one for sale because it’s not the first book in that setting, and you’re afraid you’ll be missing an earlier part of the same ongoing story. Events in our books do build a “news of the world” background in a setting, but every book we’ve published thus far can be enjoyed as a standalone story—and only previous books by the same author in the same setting might be prequels you “should” enjoy first.

We hope every TEGG book stands on its own as a great story.