Hellmaw: HoneyBoy’s Hunt (Hellmaw 12)

Taking place after the events of Hellmaw: Eye of Glass, this novella reveals what happened to Rollux after his encounter with Jaeda (AKA the head on a stick).  Cover art by Hellmaw’s ever enthusiastic Art Director, Eric Belisle.


Once a top soldier of BlackQueen’s army of hunters, Hon (aka HoneyBoy) hasn’t reported to the Widow Web Forum in weeks. During his last mission he let two friends die, and consolidating loss and victory is proving difficult.

He needs a break, to eat ice cream and remember what it was like to be human. To remember who he’d been before becoming one of BlackQueen’s elite hunters.

But Rollux, the powerful daemon responsible for the death of HoneyBoy’s friends, seems to have gone berserk, drawing dangerous attention to himself and hurting some of HoneyBoy’s fellow forumites. Hon has to get back in the game, guilt and all, or risk losing even more friends.

For the hunters of the Widow Web Forum, there can be no rest.

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Marie Bilodeau is an award-winning science-fiction, fantasy and horror writer. She has been nominated four times for Canada’s most prestigious science-fiction literary award, the Aurora Award, for both her novels and her short stories, and she won the bronze science-fiction medal in the Foreword Book Awards. Marie is also a performing storyteller. She’s told stories across Canada to a wide variety of audiences in theatre houses, tea shops, schools, bars and under disco balls.


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