Hellmaw: Dark Creed (Hellmaw 11)

The latest novel set in Ed Greenwood’s Hellmaw, bringing us deep into the twisted mind of UK author Martin Treanor.  Cover art by Hellmaw’s talented (and also twisted) Art Director, Eric Belisle.

At first glance, the faithful of the Way Through Family seem an innocent enough sect, besotted by their founder, Protector Jeremiah Poots, and his assertion of bereavement as the only true path to deliverance. But when two young members are discovered mutilated and murdered, Boston Police Detective Charlie Delaney can’t shake her suspicions that the founder is hiding a deplorable truth. The seemingly unsolvable case spurs Detective Delaney to pursue leads down treacherous paths, which threaten to swallow her whole.

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Martin Treanor is a London based, Irish fiction writer and guest blogger for The Huffington Post. His published works include Amazon bestselling, début novel: The Silver Mist; BK Publishing (USA), 2011.

Martin has also published stories and articles in Canadian & US speculative fiction magazines Spinetingler and Zahir, The Spinetingler Short Story Anthology, Carillon (UK), Tivoli Magazine (Denmark and Greenland), and The Dubliner Magazine (Scandinavia and South Africa). He was also contributor to Jonathan Maberry’s non-fiction book: They Bite; Citadel, 2009.

Over the years he has worked as a University Technician, Engineering Tutor, Lift Installer, Labourer, Bar Manager, and Bookseller.


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