Hellmaw: The Mark of Five (Hellmaw 10)

Tyron has just arrived on earth. One of the Exiles, he has seen defeat and is now cast upon a prison world he was raised to abhor. Treading carefully, he is trying to regain as much of his strength as possible in order to return to Araunt.

He’s not exactly desperate to go back, and he prides himself on never being an impulsive one. Besides, he has plans. And his former position in Araunt allowed him to see everything, as a bargaining token for everybody else.

So now he is choosing his pawns, placing his chips… and rigging the game in his favor.


Txabier Otxoa has been writing professionally for the past 22 years of his life, and is based in Mexico City. He is a founding member of an independent publishing group famed for furthering Genre fiction in Mexico, and works as freelancing copy writer, translation/localization specialist in multinational agencies, editor in various music, architecture, fiction, gaming and Project Management magazines, and as literary translator for four publishing houses, as well as band manager and back-line technician. He currently is producer in the Art company Komorebi, and lives with Maria, his wife, in a great neighborhood where everything is within walking distance.

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**Adult Content**

Cover art by Eric Belisle

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