Hellmaw: Soul Larcenist (Hellmaw 4)

Aurora-winning Canadian fantasy, horror, and sf author Suzanne Church brings us the fourth HELLMAW novel, in which Detective Sergeant Windsor Kane of the Toronto Police Service learns that at least some of the weirdness one sees while policing a big city just might have to do with daemons among us. Some of whom love us, some of whom hate us, and some of whom just don’t care how many of us they casually slaughter. And then there’s this dagger . . .

The exiled daemon Videx prowls Earth killing humans and his own kind for sport. He imprisons his Araurran victims’ riven souls in the jewels of his dagger, eating and discarding human life essences along the way. Soul Larcenist, the first book in the Dagger of Sacrados trilogy set in Hellmaw, pits the serial-killing daemon Videx against his relentless hunter Pugnaan—who is currently disguised as Puck Rysem, a detective with the Toronto Police Service. When Videx shatters the human detective Windsor   Kane’s world, she enlists Puck’s help, ignorant of the truth that her new partner is another monster.  Will Pugnaan finally capture Videx and return him to Araunt to answer for his crimes, or will Pugnaan’s soul become another prize in Videx’s collection?

Suzanne Church grew up in Toronto, moved to Waterloo to pursue mathematics, and never left town. Her award-winning short fiction has appeared in Cicada, Clarkesworld, several anthologies, and her 2014 collection Elements. Her favorite place to write is a lakefront cabin, but she’ll settle for any coffee shop with WiFi and an electrical outlet. Soul Larcenist, book one in the Dagger of Sacrados trilogy, is her first published novel.

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Cover Art by Eric Belisle

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