Hellmaw: Dragon Dreams (Hellmaw 2)

Bestselling author Chris Jackson brings us the second HELLMAW novel, an up-close-and-personal exploration of what happens at university when brilliant researchers uncover far more than they were expecting. Will it be murder, daemons, dragons, or love?

An ancient attempt to save Earth from a plague of demons resides in the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology repository. The attempt failed. Demons walk the streets wearing the faces of humans, feeding on the life essences of their unknowing prey. Aleksi, a young paleontology graduate student seeking only solitude and study, finds the long-forgotten specimen, and the ancient experiment begins anew. Dreams of dragons plague her sleep, and greedy eyes watch her discovery, lusting for the power she has unwittingly awoken. Can she contain the dragon within her, or will she succumb to the irrepressible temptation to feed.

Chris A. Jackson has been sailing and writing full time since 2009.  As a sailor, writer, and gamer, nautical fantasy came naturally.  His Scimitar Seas novels won multiple gold medals from Foreword Reviews Magazine for best fantasy novel of the year, and his Pathfinder Tales novels, Pirate’s Honor and Pirate’s Promise have received high praise.  The non-nautical Weapon of Flesh Trilogy has become a Kindle bestseller, spurring international interest.  His first  Iron Kingdoms story, Blood and Iron, debuted in 2014.  More Pathfinder Tales, the Weapon of Fear Trilogy, and other works are coming in 2015.  Drop by jaxbooks.com for updates.


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Cover Art by Eric Belisle

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