Bev Freeman, October 9 2017

Dear Mr. Greenwood,

It has come to my attention that strange things have been happening around the world recently, and Toronto seems to be one of the hot-spots. I would like to request that you be on the look out for matters that seem out of the ordinary, such as strange weather effects (lighting striking without a thunderstorm), people having unusual abilities, sudden onsets of people collapsing – especially if it comes in groups.

I know that to many it would seem as if I am, bluntly, nuts, but I assure you that something is in fact going on.

I first became aware of this when I noticed a pattern of deaths at an archeological dig. People were ripped limb from limb, completely mutilated. The police at the scene put it down to wild animals. However, I was able to bribe an evidence clerk who showed me the crime scene photos. There were no animal prints. Something else killed all those people. Something else drug off parts of those people.

Mr. Greenwood. I know full well that this all sounds insane. I honestly wish I was insane. If I was, then the world as we know it wouldn’t be in danger. But I believe; in fact I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that something horrible is going on. I am writing to you in the hopes that you will help me spread this knowledge to as many people as possible. Please, the more people who know, the better chance we have of stopping this before it’s too late.

And I am terribly afraid that it might be too late already.

If I am right, then they may know, that I know about them. My life may be in danger. Please, Mr. Greenwood. In the event that something happens to me, you may be the only person who can complete this task.

You are too well known for them to try and get rid of you – you have a chance of surviving this. I apologize for dragging you into the spotlight and putting you in danger, but it’s the only option I have. I suggest you let as many people as possible know. If enough people know, they can’t get us all. Please, have people be on the lookout for other strange phenomenon. Have them report it. Search through those reports for patterns, for hot spots. You may be able to track them that way.

Please Mr. Greenwood. Please help me.

Bev Freeman

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