Dear Mr. Greenwood, It has come to my attention that strange things have been happening around the world recently, and Toronto seems to be one of the hot-spots. I would like to request that you be on the look out for matters that seem out of the ordinary, such as strange weather effects (lighting striking […]

Deep beneath the ocean lies a resource so precious that even daemons are willing to die for it…don’t miss this powerful new novel by Steve Bornstein!  Exiled centuries ago, Boranapraz watched as four men on a beach summoned a force of nature in the dead of night, a desperate ploy by a people under siege to […]

A new short story. A new daemon. A new hunt… don’t miss this story from Hellmaw author Steve Bornstein!     Two daemons on the hunt for help with a magic fetish steal aboard a ship bound across the Atlantic in pursuit of their goal.  A prologue story to Hellmaw: Stormbringer!    Stay tuned for more […]

A brand new daemon makes his appearance, straight from the ever-interesting and questionable mind of Steve Bowden. And we truly doubt this is the last we’ll see of Baffle… The Daemon Baffle is curious about Earth, humans and his choice of profession, the law. He has a unique ability. He can project bafflement into nearby […]

Gabrielle Harbowy first introduced us to Quills in Hellmaw: Of the Essence. The striking and powerful daemon has more stories to tell, and you won’t want to miss them! Quills has been busy since Hellmaw: Of the Essence, expanding her business and relocating to a new country. But a daemon from her past expresses concern […]

By Hellmaw Lore Guardian Samantha Murphy When I was first brought on with TEGG, I was surprised at how in depth creating a world from scratch really was. You really have no idea how intertwined some things are, until you start trying to imagine a world where they are different or don’t exist at all. […]

Taking place after the events of Hellmaw: Eye of Glass, this novella reveals what happened to Rollux after his encounter with Jaeda (AKA the head on a stick).  Cover art by Hellmaw’s ever enthusiastic Art Director, Eric Belisle.   Once a top soldier of BlackQueen’s army of hunters, Hon (aka HoneyBoy) hasn’t reported to the Widow […]